Code quality

Through this service, MTP proposes a customizable solution to the problem of quality control of the software product’s source code.

This control is carried out by inspecting that code:

  • Manually, performing inspections.
  • Automatically, by static analysis.

From the MTP’s point of view, the ideal would be to apply both operations, although manual revisions are more expensive, requiring specialized resources that are not always available.

The Code Quality Analysis performed by MTP is based on:

  • The real experience in the implementation of service of these characteristics.
  • Proven experience performing code analysis for different technologies, including Siebel.
  • The automated process of sending the “stakeholders” the quality reports.
  • The standard models of quality measurement of providers:
    • Definition of quality models.
    • Definition of acceptance models: KPIs identification.
    • Definition of a delivery procedure.

In the first nine months of activity, the following actions would be performed:

  • Analysis of the ten most critical applications of the portfolio.
  • Definition of an acceptance model.
  • Definition of a certification circuit (SIT/SAT).
  • Definition of a report model.
  • Automation of the analyzes (performance and reports).

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