MTP participates in the ENTA project with the aim of collaborating in the detection of unauthorized and unfamiliar devices that, through IoT, may jeopardize the cybersecurity of devices and applications.


Currently, in addition to the encrypted traffic generated by Internet applications, IoT devices also communicate and inject encrypted traffic into the same network infrastructure.

Cyber-attacks launched against IoT devices can compromise certain units, enabling external actors to use them to launch Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, exfiltrate data, and infiltrate false data (a deception-type attack).

Detecting these unauthorized IoT devices is a challenge and is precisely the focus of MTP's participation in the ENTA project. MTP's objective is to develop a demonstrator for encrypted traffic analysis in IoT networks to detect unauthorized (malicious) devices.

This demonstrator will mainly consist of two components:

  • The ENTA solution for encrypted communications analysis for IoT.
  • IoT simulation bench to test the ENTA solution.

The project consortium consists of: MTP (Project Leader Deputy), Solana Networks (Project Leader, Canada), BEIA (Austria), Dalhousie University (Canada), and C4FF (UK).

The project is scheduled to end in late 2024.