Quality office/QMO (Quality Management Office)

The Quality Management Office represents the most relevant organizational structure of the software quality control governance, even representing the IT governance with the focus on quality assurance of processes, projects, products and associated ROIs.

Implementing an MTP’s Quality Office determines the following benefits:

  • Prevention and prediction of faults by establishing specific models.
  • Control of the risks associated with software developments and their providers.
  • Management and early troubleshooting.
  • Downtime reduction.
  • Improvement in coordination between teams.
  • Reduction of the level of customer dialogue with external providers.
  • Visibility of the quality status of the products.
  • Visibility of the status of test and development projects.
  • Guarantee that the work models defined for the software quality assuranceare properly followed and the processes are continuously improved.
  • Identification of endemic organizational or environmental problems and consequent lessons learned.
  • Executive representation of the fulfillment of objectives through intelligence applied to the dashboards.
  • Quantification of the Value/ROI obtained by the system and quality assurance service.
  • Possibility of including innovative systems in the software quality assurance, such as artificial intelligence.

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