Strategy and test management

The objective of this quality assurance service is to establish the scope, planning (including managers and dependencies) and the criteria on which the execution and monitoring of the software quality control testing projects will be based.

The strategy will be defined based on:

  • The application of best practices and the experience obtained by MTP in this type of documentation.
  • The internal standards.
  • The characteristics of the project.

And it will include, among other sections:

  • The levels and types of test, indicating those responsible and the environments to be used.
  • The deliverables related to software code quality tests.
  • The design techniques to apply.
  • The entry and exit criteria of each test level.
  • The metrics to consider.
  • The description of the monitoring or relationship models.
  • The type of data to be obtained and the sources.
  • Schedule / minimum and maximum test times.
  • Applicable support processes.
  • Regression strategy.
  • Automation strategy.

The strategy may be defined at the corporate level or project by project. In both cases, MTP will consider the circumstances of each customer and adjust the strategy to their needs and capabilities.

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