Implementation of a SOC

Companies that do not have the knowledge or resources necessary to ensure their comprehensive security can outsource this task by hiring a Security Operations Center (SOC).

SOCs offer expert service by having the most advanced intelligence in the detection and treatment of threats. It is also a flexible service, adapting to each company’s situation and size at all times and is marketed in a pay-per-use model, so it is a good option to maintain security by reducing the associated costs.

The benefits of hiring a SOC:

  • Speed and ease of installation. Between one and two days, depending on the company’s infrastructure.
  • Centralized security management on the same platform. Development and understanding of security and monitoring and the warnings on a unified platform, in the cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premise.
  • Quick response to incidents, early warning service, intrusion detection, vulnerability detection, etc.
  • Intelligence about threats. Actionable information about malicious actors, their tools, infrastructure, and methods, automatically updated.
  • Scalable and pay-per-use model.
  • KPIs adapted to each company’s needs.
  • Costs reduction associated with the hiring of security experts and the implementation of their own SOC.

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