Design and Prototyping

Including the user in the design process is essential to create exciting experiences and increase the use and conversion of the application. At MTP we use high definition prototypes so that the user can visualize, test and validate the application before beginning the development phase.

By involving your potential customers in the creation of a product, it is possible to check in advance how useful, usable and pleasant they find it.

The uncertainty when launching a digital product decreases dramatically thanks to the information provided by users in the interaction with our prototypes, allowing to test both brand elements - logos, colors, tone ... - and functionalities and interaction. In this way, it is possible to guarantee that once it is put into production, the application will meet the expectations of the organization and its users.

Among the processes used to design prototypes that are subsequently tested with users are:

  • User experience evaluation. Assessment of the needs of the organization and the target audience.
  • Definition of the Content Strategy.
  • Definition of the Information Architecture.
  • Interaction and Interface Design.
  • High fidelity prototyping.