UX Development

Everything for the user and with the user: we create multi-device products applying the User-Centered Design.

The development of applications with a strong component in user experience begins by using an agile, user-centered model. Iterative cycles of research, ideation, construction, and testing, in addition to the use of techniques and tools that put the user at the center, guarantee simple, intuitive and useful applications.

MTP covers the entire area of the Front application development life cycle, from research to testing.

When designing any digital product, MTP’s consultants take into account all types of users and uses, considering their places and connection environments and their socio-economic contexts.

Our main objective is to offer users an experience that excites, once finishing a task is not a challenge, but a necessity. The real challenge is the user finishing a task with enough satisfaction to desire to return.

To achieve this, MTP creates valuable products, fast performance, easy to learn and use, with an optimal user experience regardless of the access device, with a coherent and simple navigation and an attractive visual design.

The application development cycle is based on an agile model, with the following phases:

  • Research:Investigate the needs of users.
  • Ideation: Sketches, wireframes, prototypes, designs and tests with users.
  • Construction:Front development of approved designs.
  • Testing:Functional and UX tests of the applications developed.