Governance services

Specialized analysis, advice, methodology and engineering services related to the Quality Assurance of the Software and its processes.


Scorecard/QA intelligence (QAi)

Through this quality assurance service, the strategic premises that have been defined and transferred across the organization are identified.

Test Calculation

Definition and maintenance of automatic estimation mechanisms based on models built from historical and market data.


Providers management seeks to simplify the system to gain in effectiveness and efficiency, with a primary essential component in economic terms.


The risk management represents one of the essential values on which quality governance relies.

Quality office/QMO (Quality Management Office)

The Quality Management Office represents the most relevant organizational structure of the software quality control governance, even representing the IT governance with the focus on quality assurance of processes, projects, products and associated ROIs.


The systematization of the test processes allows to predict the needs and results of the software quality tests.

Faults prevention

Reference models of tests such as TMMi, at their high maturity levels, propose having institutionalized mechanisms for faults prevention.