QA methodologies and processes

Since its inception, MTP has been a company focused on activities related to the assurance and quality control of software code. MTP has continuously evolved its proposal in this area, improving its processes based on the experiences maintained in the relationship with its customers and the application of standards and models of good practices. MTP has shared this knowledge with the leading organizations in all sectors of activity, for which it has performed consultancies for quality assurance software aimed at improving test processes.


The keys on which the consultancies for MTP’s software quality are based are:

  • Software quality controlbased on experience and best practices, adjusted to the reality of each company.
  • Definition of pre-established processes, based on the existence of predefined itineraries or certification circuits according to the type of project. The process systematization reduces the waste of time associated with discussions, helping their automation.
  • Strengthening of the flexibility and speedin project management, ensuring the final quality of the product without sacrificing time to market.
  • The existence of design strategiesfocused on the faults’ location and their quick resolution.
  • Monitoring aimed at improving the visibilityof product quality, risk control and decision making.


The benefits obtained are:

  • Reduction of the time to marketof projects and evolutionary by reducing the rework.
  • Greater satisfaction of the final customerthrough the improvement of the quality and reliability of the products delivered.
  • Monitoring and quality controlof projects before and after they are put into production.
  • Improvement of the overall development process,measured by software quality
  • Lower overall cost of maintenanceof systems.
  • Standardization of the methodologyaccording to best practices.
  • Implementation of continuous improvementin the organization.