Test Calculation

Definition and maintenance of automatic estimation mechanisms based on models built from historical and market data.


The estimation of evidence that MTP poses occupies a prominent place within its quality assurance services and presents three modalities, the application of which depends on the historical information available to the customer, the time at which that estimate is made and the data available at that time:

  • Use of default models, based on the continuous analysis of a parameter set (development size, associated risk, the scope of activities, technology, affected systems, work teams). This model requires a systematically-followed process and a minimum historical.
  • Estimate based on experience, recommending the application of group work techniques, such as the broadband Delphi model or planning poker. The technique to be applied, the number of participants and the organization of the teams will depend on the development methodology and the resources available. MTP considers this approach as a first stage, for those cases in which historical information is not available and always having in mind its evolution towards the previous model.
  • Percentage estimation, based on the development effort. MTP applies this model only if there are regulatory limitations or lack of minimum information at the time of making the estimate.