Requirements Engineering

Requirements Engineering is the discipline of the software development life cycle, that has a more direct influence on the final success or failure of any type of project.


Investing in improving the Management and Definition of Requirements activities of an organization, incorporating mature and proven techniques, provides multiple benefits, among which the increase in user satisfaction is highlighted, by ensuring that information systems meet all the expectations and needs, and cost savings in the construction and maintenance of the systems.

The service proposed by MTP helps organizations to know and improve the status of their requirements process, using the IREB and BABOK models as reference. In addition, it has techniques and tools that allow measuring the degree of compliance with the pre-established quality parameters for the requirements generated during the software life cycle, both in form and content, guaranteeing its integrity and consistency, and anticipating the possible problems that could derive from their poor quality.

This service includes:

  • Assessment and optimization of the process.
  • Quality review of the requirements.
  • Specialized training Requirements engineering courses.
  • Implementation of tools.

Organizations obtain, due to this service, quality requirements that serve as a stable and consistent basis, both for the preparation of the application code and for the preparation of the test cases that serve for its validation.