They offer complete coverage of the entire software life cycle in digital initiatives, resulting in business assurance and including mobile applications, e-business, multi-device...


Definition and Implementation of the Management Process of Software Product Configuration

Ensuring the integrity of the products and services developed. Definition and implementation of the software product configuration management process.

Continuous Integration Plan

Visibility on the status of the project, promotion of good practices and adherence to development standards, early detection of errors, elimination of integration times and streamlining of the delivery process.

Code quality

Through this service, MTP proposes a customizable solution to the problem of quality control of the source code of the software product.

Definition and Implementation of the Environment Management Process

Tools and processes aimed at the automated management of changes in the infrastructure of the different environments, ensuring consistency and parallelism between them.

DevOps Implementation

Optimization of collaboration between development and operations teams to streamline delivery processes and reduce average cycle time.

Agile-lean Development

Development based on Lean principles applied to development, making use of agile methodologies and techniques.

Omnia Devops Assessment

Evaluate the maturity level of the Continuous Delivery Model and define an improvement plan for the processes involved.