The systematization of the test processes allows to predict the needs and results of the software quality tests. This service is based on the analysis of the data collected by MTP in different projects over more than 20 years.


The prediction informs what is going to happen, so it allows corrective actions to be taken if there are deviations between what is planned and what is really happening.

It’s not just about taking corrective actions. With this service it is possible to anticipate the appearance of problems, basing the typology and effort associated with the tests on statistical information that allows forecasting.

In this way, the tests of the projects are based on statistical methods that allow us to predict quality of the software code and the product, determine those most critical parts of the software and decide where to apply a greater effort in software quality assurance tests. All this increases the effectiveness degree of the processes (or the activities) of tests, by facilitating the early detection of faults and with minimal effort, making them much more effective by facilitating the detection of faults with less effort.

Through the definition of a profile, the characterization of test projects set sharing a series of similar factors or characteristics, it is possible to create a reference that can be reused in future similar projects.

In practice, this translates into having project profiles based on historical data, allowing to predict what is going to happen with future projects with similar characteristics.