Assessment and improvement of SDLC

Vulnerable software development endangers the data and services on which companies settle their businesses.

MTP helps organizations ensure the security of their applications by implementing a Software Development Life Cycle, including:

  • Assessment of existing software security practices in organizations.
  • Construction of a software security assurance program balanced in well-defined iterations.
  • Demonstration of concrete improvements to the security assurance program.
  • Definition and measurement of security activities of an organization.

MTP has analyzed the performance of the main tools available in the market, such as SAST (Static Application Security Testing); DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing); IAST (Interactive Application Security Testing) and OSA (Open SW Analysis), so the most appropriate organizations according to each SW development environment and the criticality of their applications can be recommended.

With this service, organizations will have the ability to:

  • Prepare more complete requirements.
  • Design safer software architectures that minimize vulnerabilities.
  • Have a threat analysis from the business point of view.
  • Define security control points to ensure that the systems going into operation meet minimum thresholds.
  • Create a philosophy to develop and maintain the software under the scope of cybersecurity.
  • Access to a set of lessons learned, whose final recipient is the software development and maintenance team, to avoid repeating the same mistakes within the organization.
  • Get a set of improvements in the SDLC (Software Development Life cycle).