Mobile testing

Currently, IT departments are immersed in a transformation process that aims to respond to a business demanding more and more agility and innovation in its services. For this, the Mobile Testing service was born.


The evolution of Mobile Testing responds to the diversity existing in the mobility field, making organizations need a quality strategy to solve:

  • Multiple OS.
  • Multiple OS versions.
  • Multiple terminals.
  • Multiple operators with different service qualities.
  • Different types of applications (Web, Native or Hybrid).
  • Multiple and diverse software quality testing solutions.

Through the Mobile Testing service, MTP adapts to the needs of the mobility tests of each organization, ensuring the quality of the developments made on existing mobile devices, reproducing the user experience and ensuring the best functional and non-functional quality of the application.

The Mobile Testing service provides:

  • Increase in the quality of applications.
  • Decrease in time to market.
  • Cost optimization and transfer of CAPEX to OPEX.
  • Payment for use.
  • Tool Infrastructure Services always updated.