TMMi process improvement

The need for greater quality control throughout the product life cycle makes more and more organizations interested in the TMMi model as a reference to improve their testing processes.


The service can cover different aspects:

  • Training in the TMMi model to understand its origin, structure, process areas, objectives and practices, so that the organization itself is able to address the improvement of the testing process on its own.
  • Initial diagnosis, where the process of software quality testing followed in the organization is analyzed and compared to the established by the TMMi model, to know in detail the gap between the test process analyzed and that established by the model.
  • Improvement and Monitoring Plan during the improvement of the software quality control testing process, providing advice to ensure that the new processes are aligned with that established at the desired level of the TMMi model.
  • Official certification at one of the TMMi model’s levels.


Among the benefits of this service are:

  • The TMMi certificate provides added value against the competition.
  • The same way of working provides greater flexibility in the use of resources.
  • An objective view of the projects through indicators.
  • Global Scorecard with access to aggregate indicators that allow managers to have an objective view of the services.
  • Common repository that facilitates employees’ access to the necessary artifacts.
  • Greater efficiency and productivity by having better access and knowledge to tools, templates and procedures.
  • The knowledge resides in the organization and not in the people.
  • Personalized training plan to improve performance.
  • Mechanisms that encourage employee motivation.
  • Higher quality of the tests and the product, through the adoption of good practices that improve the testing activities.
  • Optimized planning and estimation.
  • Greater view of the status of the project.
  • Risk reduction.