Security audits

The MTP’s Audits service includes different types of analysis seeking to maximize the security breach detection ratios in all the organization’s software applications (web, mobile, and desktop), as well as assess their possible impacts and recommend corrections.


This service includes different activities:

  • Security analysis of the source code, applying security tests based on static analysis (SAST – Static Application Security Testing).
  • Automated analysis of running applications, through the dynamic security tests DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) and IAST (Interactive Application Security Testing).
  • Third-party component security analysis (OSA – Open SW Analysis).
  • Manual testing of applications, based on standards of recognized prestige and the experience of MTP’s consultants.
  • Optionally, a dashboard where semi-automated metrics of systems vulnerabilities are incorporated, which allows to identify the deliveries of the systems that are improving or worsening their security.