Performance test

The MTP’s Software Performance Testing service is oriented towards software optimization from the point of view of the applications’ effectiveness, that is, the execution of this type of software quality tests avoids the different problems derived from the applications’ performance, increasing their availability and cost optimization.


The concept of performance tests includes:

Load tests. They check if the system is capable of assuming the expected load, with acceptable response times and consumption of resources that do not endanger the production.
Capacity tests. The operating limits of the system and the elements limiting the performance within the platform are obtained.
Stability tests. They guarantee the correct use of resources by the application for a prolonged period of time.
Stress or overload tests. The system is subjected to a load level higher than expected, but which may occur under certain circumstances.
Insulation Testing The correct functioning of each element forming complex architectures is checked.
Regression tests. The current performance of an application is compared to that it had before an implementation.

Among the benefits associated with the MTP’s Software Quality Performance Testing service are:

Having specialized teams experienced in the use of the main performance tools in the market.
Ensuring that the systems evolve correctly in terms of their performance, due to the use of their own regression testing methodology, through the use of thermometers and baselines.
Greater visibility of these tests for all those involved in the projects.