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In the context of the new digital space, organizations are forced to face a series of very complex challenges, which have to do with cost optimization, time-to-market reduction, the search for continuous improvement, or organizational flexibility.

Through this video we explain the DBA concept.

To overcome them, it is no longer enough to ensure the quality of IT solutions, but it is necessary to move towards a Total Quality model that guarantees business achievement.

Digital Business Assurance is a new scenario that arises from the economics of applications and pursues a comprehensive assurance of the activity of organizations, as well as a quality experience for the customer, facilitating, also, agility in both decisions making as in the business activity itself.

MTP proposes to advance in the new reality of Digital Business Assurance in a planned, orderly, and optimized way, encompassing all aspects of the value chain of business activity through the application of a global business assurance strategy through efficient use of Information Technology.

To do this, MTP proposes a comprehensive set of services that help organizations ensure the digital assurance of their activity.

Quality Assurance

Cover all phases of the business activity. From the design of software applications and tools to continuous improvement put into production through the implementation of the most advanced processes in Software Quality Assurance.

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User Experience

Having a good digital product is no longer a competitive advantage, but a necessity. Today users demand memorable experiences, and one of the biggest challenges for organizations is being able to offer them.

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MTP helps organizations to proactively detect and prevent vulnerabilities, through the proposal and implementation of the best solutions and practices in cybersecurity, especially focused on application security.

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Offer full coverage of the entire software life cycle in digital initiatives, resulting in business assurance and including mobile, e-business, multi-device applications...

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