Test automation

Through the Management and Automation of Functional Regression service, MTP ensures the execution of regression tests in the most efficient way.


Thanks to the automation process industrialization and the increased automation for such software quality control tests, it is possible to increase the number of unattended executions and detect the maximum number of incidents, ensuring compliance with time to market.

The Management and Automation service of Functional Regression includes:

  • Establishment of the regression strategy.
  • Identification and management of cases which shall be part of the regression.
  • Identification of cases to be automated.
  • Preparation, performance, and maintenance of automation scripts.
  • Performance of regression cases.

Developing the Management and Automation service of Functional Regression, the organizations obtain different benefits:

  • Reduce the effort required in regression tests.
  • Increase the coverage of software quality tests.
  • Possibility to devote more time to activities of greater added value, such as design activities or software code quality tests.
  • Time savings in data preparation.
  • Fast script update against application changes.