Public Sector Consulting

MTP, an integral assurance company, is a great ally as a consultant for the public sector.

Optimizing the quality of the public sector

Optimizing the quality and security of public digital services, as well as the correct accessibility and user experience for citizens interacting digitally with the different administrations, is the service that MTP offers to the public sector.

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Digital Business Assurance

MTP is a company in the Digital Business Assurance sector, offering comprehensive assurance of the digital product or service, starting with software quality throughout the development and implementation process, usability and UX design, and a complete cybersecurity strategy.

Software quality testing for administrations

Within the integral assurance offered by MTP for digital services of public administrations, software quality tests are essential to confirm the proper functioning of an application.


MTP is a company with the most outstanding certifications in testing models and software quality testing (QA) processes. The experience and maturity of the testing methodology is applied to quality analysis in the public sector.


La administración pública tiene como objetivo ofrecer servicios digitales que resulten sencillos de utilizar y respondan a la demanda de agilidad. MTP ofrece su asesoría para la mejora de procesos y servicios al ciudadano.



MTP proposes to advance in the new reality of Digital Business Assurance in a planned, orderly and optimized way, encompassing all aspects of the value chain of business activity through the implementation of a global business assurance strategy through the efficient use of Information Technology.

To this end, MTP proposes a comprehensive set of services that help organizations to ensure the digital assurance of their activity.

Quality control is a way of verifying the standard of a product or service during its manufacturing process and serves to reduce the probability of inserting faulty products in the market.

In the same way, quality control makes it possible to evaluate the efficiency of the systems and thus see which procedures can be improved and which must be corrected, since the causes of such deviations and errors in the manufacture of products come from another process that must be detected and corrected.

They cover all phases of business activity. From the design of software applications and tools, to their continuous improvement once they are put into production through the implementation of the most advanced processes in Software Quality Assurance.

Even the most successful and well-managed companies recognize the value of consulting support that allows them to leverage best practices when designing and implementing process improvement initiatives.

A consulting firm with the right intellectual capital can bring to the process improvement project a fresh perspective and deep experience in practical application, as well as a degree of objectivity that can be difficult for in-house staff.

The public sector is an important part of the economy. Therefore, any improvement in public sector performance would have an effect on economic growth and reduce pressure on fiscal policy. Change involves redesigning all service processes based on the needs and experiences of users in a state of constant adaptation.