Agile-lean Development

Service based on Lean principles applied to development in which agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, and Agile Modeling, and agile techniques such as Continuous Integration, Automation, TDD, and Refactoring are used. We place special focus on the change management agility.


In the Analysis and Design, we rely on teamwork with the active participation of all stakeholders, simplicity in content creation, applying models, and patterns that help us obtain an efficient productivity result.

In Construction, unit test automation techniques, code quality analysis, and automated data management, among others, are enhanced.

The 20 years of MTP’s experience in the testing process and its certified test model at level 5 of TMMi, allows performing the functional testing stage in anticipation of the faults that are going to be presented and defining the specific test cases for it.

Validation tests are performed during the deployment, and also the automation of the necessary input generation in the implementation procedure.

For developing this service, we rely on specialized tools in several areas, such as environment configuration, deployment automation, artifact management, test automation, development pipeline control.