DevOps Implementation

In organizations, it is common to find teams that work independently according to their work: Development, operations, SQA... With different objectives, if not working in a coordinated way, it is normal for conflicts to occur between them.


The DevOps movement accepts the daily challenge of the software delivery process and facilitates techniques to try to improve it.

Through this service, and methodologies for the improvement of BPI processes (Business Process Improvement), it is possible to solve the natural conflict between the Development teams and those of Operations/Systems, speeding up the delivery processes and reducing the cycle’s average time.

The DevOps Implementation service offers:

  • Patterns to improve collaboration and share goals, objectives, incentives, processes, and tools.
  • Seamless processes in the flow that the software must follow, from its development to its production and maintenance.
  • Set of threads that, properly grouped, enable a pipeline to deliver quality software, in less time, and at a higher frequency.
  • The existing tools are integrated and orchestrated so that their use is shared by the development and operations team.
  • A new concept of DoD (Definition of Done) in which all teams agree when a task is concluded/completed.
  • System monitored with Nagios and Munin. Not only services, connectivity... but also system behavior.

Techniques and strategies to separate the release and deployment processes