Cloud testing

MTP responds to the new transformation and innovation needs of organizations through its Cloud Testing service, through which the activity of software code quality testing is approached without the need for organizations to be forced to make initial investments in infrastructure, tools, licenses, maintenance, and environment management, paying only for the strictly necessary and increasing efficiency of software quality tests by allowing greater and faster control in the creation of environments.


MTP’s Cloud Testing covers from “end to end” testing – static and dynamic software quality assurance tests – and testing phases – user, integration ... –, to a specific typology, such as performance or security tests, providing all the infrastructure resources and tools in the cloud that are necessary for the service.

Among the benefits provided by the MTP’s Cloud Testing service are:

  • Minimization of investment in the creation and acquisition of IT assets.
  • Payment for use. Only the service that is required at any time is hired.
  • Improvement in costs, increases in peak capacity and more efficient use of systems.
  • Increase in the benefits of outsourcing. It allows the organization to focus on its own business.
  • Elasticity, allowing the organization’s capacities to be scaled or contracted, according to the business needs.
  • Increase in quality and time to market, by significantly reducing errors arising from infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure services always updated.
  • Greater efficiency in the infrastructure’s management and operation, empowering automation.

Access and mobility. The cloud testing infrastructure allows testing experts to access from multiple locations, removing geographic barriers and facilitating their mobility.