Data management and provisioning

A large number of organizations have proper data availability limitations in pre-production environments, where testing activities are usually performed.


Through the environments’ analysis and the requirements' study, MTP is able to solve the problems caused by the limited availability of data.

Due to this service, each organization can obtain:

  • Coverage in the data needs for software quality tests, guaranteeing the availability and usability of data for the different types of tests.
  • Increase in the necessary quality and volume of data as a faithful reflection of production, adapting to the technical limitations of the environment.
  • Maintenance of data consistency and integrity between all systems and applications, so that end-to-end tests can be performed.
  • Compliance with security and privacy requirements, data protection requirements and confidentiality and security policies of the organization.

In addition to achieving the main objectives, the following benefits are obtained:

  • Centralization and unification of data’s management and knowledge, enabling the application of global policies, obtaining synergies and improving processes.
  • Increased efficiency of the software code quality testing process, allowing the reduction of projects time to market and their quality and reliability.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity of environments through intensive and shared use of software quality testing environments, due to the abundance of consistent data.
  • Increased levels of security and confidentiality of data, due to the establishment of procedures and the simplification of the data masking process.