Document quality

MTP ensures compliance with the methodological model aimed at guaranteeing the completion of quality requirements in documents created throughout the software development life cycle.


The Documentary Quality Service’s objective is to achieve a common, usable and homogeneous repository of information for future application maintenance.

Under the coverage of a model supported by Quality Gates, MTP monitors software development processes from start to finish by modulating its participation in four key points:

  • “AS IS” study and subsequent documentation streamlining in projects through the definition and maintenance of the Deliverables Matrix. Planning meetings with all stakeholders involved avoids future duplication of information and communication channels throughout the entire project life cycle.
  • Establishment of Control Points coordinating all the verification areas to make periodic reviews of the status of the documentation defined in that matrix.
  • Issuance of the Final Quality Report, which will contain the details of the anomalies found in the project during the verification process and its status depending on the compliance with the defined methodology.
  • Closing Activities, in which all the application information is recorded and the meetings of Step to Maintenance (PaM, as its acronym in Spanish for Paso a Mantenimiento) and Step to Production (PaP, as its acronym in Spanish for Paso a Producción) are coordinated, thus ensuring that all maintenance equipment/application support has the necessary tools to carry out their work.