Assessment and implementation of GDPR

MTP guarantees organizations compliance with European regulations through its GDPR Assessment and Implementation service, which is structured in three phases

  • Assessment Phase.Know the gap in the organization concerning compliance with the GDPR:
    • Assess the organization’s maturity level concerning compliance with the new standard.
    • Development of an action plan with the main recommendations for adaptation to the GDPR. This may involve changing operating procedures, designing new procedures, and identifying new tools necessary to be implemented.
  • Implementation Phase. Establishment of the set of procedures and tools following the action plan performed in the assessment phase:
    • Execution of the GDPR compliance action plan
    • Start-up of the most appropriate security tools for each organization, since MTP has agreements with the main software providers.
  • Verification Phase.Ensure compliance with the GDPR in the organization. Ensure that the implementations performed in the previous phase allow the organization to effectively meet the standard’s objectives.